Powder coating is an environmentally friendly painting process that produces a beautiful and extremely durable end product. There are limitless color, texture, and chemistry options available that are engineered for interior use, exterior use and chemical resistance.

  • Why do powder coatings produce such a durable finish?

    Powder paint is composed of finely ground particles of resin and pigment which are applied to a substrate using an electrostatic process where the paint is positively charged and the part is grounded creating a uniform application.

    These fine particles then melt and bond together during the curing stage creating a solid uniform coating.

  • Is powder more environmentally friendly than liquid coatings?

    Yes, Powders contain no solvents and therefore release negligent amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) into the atmosphere.

    Powders are also easily reclaimable, meaning the overspray is reclaimed and applied to a part, not disposed or wasted.

  • Where is powder coating used?

    Powders paints are applied to products everywhere. Powders are used in the automotive industry, Building and architectural industry, and everyday consumer products.

    From parts on your desk chair to your lawn mower, the majority of metal parts you come in contact with are powder coated.

IoA considers Powder Works as a significant contributor to our success as a health care furniture provider. With their professional approach to our needs, we have time and time again been able to be meet and exceed customer expectations on quality and on time delivery. We would highly recommend their services to anyone who is manufacturing in today’s highly competitive market.

Roy Muncus
Plant Manager
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Powder Works continuously provides us with a top quality finish on our metal components. Furthermore, our company follows a path of ecological sustainability and with the help of Powder Works, we are able to provide environmentally conscious finishes that complement the design driven foundation of our products.

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Powder Works has provided us with complete satisfaction for our powder coating requirements. Our customers demand a high quality finish and Powder Works is able to meet this requirement, delivers to our schedule, and are able to handle the large volume parts we produce. This is a professionally managed company and I recommend their services to others.

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